The Change Games v1.08


The Change Games is a new X-Change themed reality TV show where male and female contestants take a drug known as X-Change to transform into beautiful women (potentially with a host of new bodily needs and desires). You play as a male contestant, are immediately transformed into a woman, and you’ve then got to compete for the right to be the new X-Girl, not to mention the 1 million in cold hard cash! Can you make it through this sexy gauntlet of boobs, dicks, and butts?

This game was essentially created so I could try to teach myself Twine (I’m a writer by trade, not a coder). As such, it’s probably a horrible mess of terrible, terrible code, and I apologize for any bugs found within. I’ll do my best to squash what I can, and to complete the content laid out within. The Change Games was originally envisioned as an image-based CYOA like one might see on /tg/ or reddit’s r/nsfwcyoa, which is why it’s not hugely fleshed out and open-ended, and is based on the X-Change Pill concept seen on reddit\’s r/XChangePill.

Version 1.08
Completely reworked the Side Effects system. You guys probably won’t see much difference, but it’s a lot smoother behind the scenes now, and it shouldn’t prematurely declare you’ve run out of side effects. I’ll probably be reworking the Challenge selection system and Challenger selection system like this in the future.
Added the player’s goals into the mix. You can now select a goal, why you’re on the show, at the very beginning. Some of these might have effects later on, some might not. The “Wealth” one isn’t currently active, since cash payouts aren’t a thing yet.
New Side Effect: Cummy Pussy. Yeah, it’s probably as weird as it sounds

Censorship: None
Platform: Windows
Language: English
Size 120 MB