Succubus Tales – Chapter 2 v0.3C


Second Chapter of the Succubus Tales serie.
As in the first chapter, you’ll take the role of Nicci, a succubus possessing a nun body;
this time you need to retrieve a relic beneath the city of Veisen while corrupting it’s citizens and turn them into demons.
– there where a couple of places in the ruins where you could go inside the wall –> fixed
– fixed an issue with the torches in the mausoleum and secret passage.
– while talking to Celie, if you choose No about giving a lesson, the standing avatars won’t disappear –> Fixed

Genre: 2DCG, Corruption, Female Protagonist, Transformation, Lesbian, Mind Control, Adventure, Fantasy, Oral Sex, Tit Job, Foot Job
Developer: Senryu-Sensei
Platform: Windows
Language: English
Succubus Tales Version: 0.3C
Censored: No
Size: 353 mb

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