Strange Gift v0.11



In this game you acquire some magical powers from the goddess Freyja, and the means to fight Loki’s plan to create chaos in your town. Naturally, you do this with spells… and by seducing girls! This game is in an early (and therefore rapid) stage of development.

New Content:
There’s a new cos-play and sex scene with Olivia
Winning the game gives you a better reward with Freyja.

UI Improvements:
The game will no longer tell you that you can’t bring the darkness down due to the level of darkness at home, when you have brought the darkness down to 0 or less. (One less annoying message)

The display of darkness in the lower right hand corner will now properly indicate the maximum darkness level of a location.

Functionality Changes:
Characters can no longer randomly get the name “Mia”
Girls who are your slave no longer randomly show up where you have already defeated the darkness, unless it is because they work there (e.g., a Barrista at the Cafe)
Darkness can no longer go below -25
The church now unlocks eventually even if you don’t have a conversation with the ex-nun — but the nun can still help you unlock it faster.
The maximum number of nemeses you can get in the game is now set to 2.

Censorship: None
Platform: Windows
Language: English
Size 223 MB

Download game:


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