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I’m the author of several adult games: Bondage Island, Lucretia’s Legacy, and my latest, Damsels and Dungeons. Thank you for checking my page out, and I hope you’ll download the games and enjoy them in this game you’re a normal guy living with your roommate Alvin hoping to buy a house for your gf and get married.

New Content:
Added two new character models.
Added a new spell, Fight Darkness, which requires a helping girl, and another spell that helps you determine the strength of a characters magical ability.
Added a new scripted character, Olivia, with her own unique renders and interactions
Added a new location, the pool
Added one render for each character model
One of the girls starts out working against you, behind the scenes. If you get her affection high enough, she will change sides.

UI Improvements:
Game no longer returns an error when it tries to take a non-magical girl off the roster, and none of the non-magical girls have low affection (relative to the girl you have the most affection with)
Serious conversation no longer gives both the bonus for success and the small bonus for failure when you succeed.

Functionality Changes:
No two girls should have the same avatar.
Summon Girl no longer works on low affection/high lust characters.
Furtive Sex now has a chance of getting caught, with negative consequences for affection, and in some cases making a girl unwilling to risk it again.
Limited Consent and Blanket Consent now cost more submission, as their value relative to “Be More Daring” has increased.
Reading a book now has a small positive affection effect on any librarians present.
Various Study options are now available at home, to increase stats.
More girls appear at the beginning, and fewer appear as the game goes on, to give the player more to do. New girls appearing is no longer dependent on opening locations.
Flirting, Hugging, Kissing, or Making out with naked characters will have a small additional bonus to lust.
You now have to call to arrange a swing club date before each time you go. However, if a girl who is highly attracted to you is already present, you can now get in without a pre-arranged date.
The code for determining where girls appear is more slanted in favor of locations that are open.
Non magical girls get removed from the game slightly faster.

Censorship: None
Platform: Windows
Language: English
Size 135 MB

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