Starless: Nymphomaniac’s Paradise Version 1.2 Final



Protagonist Yukito Sawatari is looking for a part-time job for his summer vacation when he stumbles on a job advertisement that promises high wages. After confirming that the job is still available, he applies immediately.

The job seems simple at first, a servant at a large mansion located in the mountains. It’s a large and luxurious mansion, surely it must be owned by someone really wealthy. But after he is greeted by a beautiful mistress and her pretty daughters he learns that the task of servant is simply one in name only. Now he gets to learn why the pay was promised to be so high

1- Intall setup.exe
2 – Copy “starless_full_patch.exe” to Install Directory
3 – Install “starless_full_patch.exe” – to remove censorship – Included.
4 – Download “”
-Details: Fixes character and scene display bugs.-
5 – Extract
6 – Copy “starless-patch-1.2.exe” to Install Directory
7 – Install “starless-patch-1.2.exe”
8 – Click on “starless.exe” to start playing.
9 – Have fun!

2 patches needed!
“starless_full_patch.exe” – To remove censorship!
“starless-patch-1.2.exe” – Fixes character and scene display bugs.

Censorship: None
Platform: Windows
Language: English
Size 1640 MB

Download game:


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