Stargazers Chapter III





Stargazers This game will have a whole different concept from TiTN, being a Sci-Fi themed game, with a much more deep and intriguing story.
Stargazers, on the other hand, will put you in the role of an officer of the Intergalactic Federation, more than 1000 years from now, in an universe filled with other races and intriguing technology and, of course, hotties.
Will be a multi-episode game, meaning that new parts of the story will be released through time. That makes bonus content a little more limited, as special versions of the game can’t have exclusive storylines. However, there will still be bonus scenes.

Change-Log: Stargazers Chapter III
– Added sound effects
– New fluid simulation for cumshots (still experimental)
– 3 new animations
– 150+ new renders

Censorship: None
Version: Chapter III
Platform: Win-Mac
Language: English
Size 811 Mb

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