Star Knightess Aura Version 0.22.0


Star Knightess Aura

Star Knightess Aura

Follow Aura’s adventure as she is thrust into the fantasy world of Roya. What she initially believed to follow the conventional plotline of a “summoned to another world”-story quickly turns into her worst nightmare. Cursed by the Demon King, Aura must now struggle every night to track down her nemesis and ultimately strike him down.

But her enemies don’t just lurk in Roya. Having entered her mind through the Demon King’s curse, another enemy attempts to brainwash and corrupt Aura from the inside. Faced with a two-pronged attack against her body and mind, can Aura finish off her worst enemy without losing herself?

Star Knightess Aura is an RPG with nsfw erotic content, made with RPG Maker MZ. The game features themes of corruption, brainwashing, mental changes, possession, mind control, and NTR. All characters are 18+.?


Integrated H-CGs for Customer Service 3
Added mental change “Implant Advanced Makeup Knowledge Orb”
Added mental change “Colored Nails”
Added mental change “Increased Corruption Speed”
Added scene “Aura too late for school 2”
Added scene “Aura too late for school 3”
Added scene “Aura Changing Home 2”
Added scene “Aura Dev 5”
Added scene “Aura Dev 6”
Added scene “Going to Nail Studio With Cheerleaders 1”
Added scene “Going to Nail Studio With Cheerleaders 2”
Added scene “Rose Seduced By Richard 2”
Added scene “Rose And George Meetup 1”
Integrated lewd scene “Hermann Sex 1”
Integrated lewd scene “Hermann Sex 2”
Added area James Home
Added area Northern Mountain Ranges
Added Avian and Mothercrow boss encounter in Northern Mountain Ranges
Added Ogre King boss encounter in Northern Mountain Ranges
Added Goblin King boss encounter
Added Medium Earth Slime boss encounter
Added Mature Spider Queen boss encounter
Added Minotaur + Venom Scorpio boss encounter
Added Lilim boss encounter
Added James Boss Fight
Added quest “What Lurks Inside The Mountains”
Finished quest “The Hand Of The King”
Added item “Formula: Acid Bomb”
Added item “Acid Bomb”
Added item “Skillbook: Bomb Proficiency II”
Added book “The Art Of Light”
Added book “The Art Of Thunderbolt”
Added book “Skillbook: Reading Proficiency I”
Added skill “Bomb Proficiency II”
Added skill “Reading Proficiency I”
Replaced default Goblin artwork for different goblin types
Scripted Paulina variation
Added pink sheet bed variations
Added crafting option for Acid Bombs after delivering formula to Alchemist
Improved warning message upon starting Festival
Dim standing image of non-speaker
Add Mana Capacity II training at Nephlune Spellshop
Added artifact “Lifeshaper”
Added reward for rescued Underground Abductee Refugee
Increased max killed bosses to 63
Increased max mental changes to 86


Removed corruption increase from upgraded drugs, instead selling drug formulas produce 1 Corruption
Lowered prices at Nephlune Spellshop for learning advanced techniques
Increased MP gain from Mana Catalyst to 30
Added effect to Useless Knowledge to negate reading speed increases


Fixed typos
Fixed Fullfilment getting added twice if it’s also triggered through a real world scene
Refactored implementation of Tenacity II for enemies so it also works with auto-spells
Fixed passability issues
Fixed recollection room glitches involved with appearance changes


Developer: aura-dev
Platform: Windows
Language: English
Version: 0.22.0
Censored: No
Size: 322 mb

Download game:


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