Special Service


Special Service

This is a great movie from Night Wanderer. It is a short story about a girl Iroha and a guy Jerry. Girl is portrayed as a slave to Jerry and he is her master. She does anything he wants. It all starts somewhere in the beautiful forest near the big waterfall where Iroha is serving her master. She keeps talking sexy things and strokes his cock while they kiss. He also licks her nipples and some milk is shooting out of them. Soon they start to have sex right in the waterfall water and Iroha just keeps talking Janapese. They have sex in some classical and lovely sex positions and at some point Iroha says that she loves her master. He cums inside her pussy soon and after more talking he finally says that he doesn’t understand a shit she’s saying and turns out this all is a setup

Resolution : 1280×720
File type: mp4
Duration: 0:06:28
Special Service File size: 164 Mb