Snow White: The True Story Version 0.2


Snow White: The True Story

The new game is finally here! As promised, it uses the RPG Maker MV engine which means that it is much more interactive than “Little Red Riding the Wood”.
In “Snow White: TheTrue Story” you play as the huntsman who had to kill Snow White but he failed. It turns out that Snow White is not a common innocent busty girl and she really must be eliminated. And this is where the game begins. The problem is that you cannot just come and kill her, as she is protected by an infernal protection spell. You must find and rescue seven virgins protected by Snow White’s “dwarfs”, deflorate them one after another to break the protection spell and only then you can go and fight Snow White herself. Sounds easy? But it isn’t. And maybe, just maybe, things are a little different than it seems.

Platform: Windows
Language: English
Version: 0.2
Censored: No
Size: 991 mb

Download game: