Shade – Version 1.01 + Incest Patch



Your father died in a farm accident now you had to move to the city and your mother started acting weird play the game to find out what’s wrong (a better overview will be finished soon)?

Landlady – 4 Scenes (200+ Images)
Misc – 5 Scenes (400+ Images)
Combat Training System
Weights Training (Increases strength – 5 points = 1 point bonus damage and 10 points = 10 points bonus HP.)
Combat Training (Increases Combat Score – 5 points = 1 point Defense bonus and 1 point Attack Bonus.)

Developer: Nun Ya and Fallen Angel Productions
Platform: Windows, Linux
Language: English
Shade Version: 1.01 + Incest Patch
Censored: No
Size: 680 mb

Download game: