SexSoulsNa – Version 0.1



Ken a first year Collegian is moving from his uptown house to scholarship’s apartment in down town
but turn out, he gets to live in a volunteer house that have other 4 women in it
And more than that he find out a met averse app call verginator
It sends him to the meta world to change the distort heart of many girls
with the power of SexSoulsNa!?

This is version 0.1
Just a long demo prologue with 3 adult scenes
No combat game play adding in yet

Story & Language
I’m not a good or want to be a good writer
I’m a fan of the Japanese generic game/ manga / Hentai /JaV-Porn/ Eroge culture
So this game story is something in that type easy cheesy silly plot bla bla bla
No deep good slow complex plot, no realistic, no logic, no logistic and whatever….

I’m Asian and use Engrish…
So you can expect some wrong word and grammar, weird writing from me

Game play
this is the combat that I will use in this game
(But it from another project that I had experiment and drop
and it is not included in this version yet)

Developer: pasunna
Platform: Windows
Language: English
Version: 0.1
Censored: No
Size: 259 mb
Download game: