Servant of the Empire v0.1.5.1


With the Wizard King’s demonic pact about to be collected he calls for sacrifices of his people. Women and men trained and transformed beyond recognition to be mortal thralls to the minions of the underworld. Your freedom forfeited by your parent’s debt you have become property of the Kingdom, bound for slavery unless you can pay off your parent’s debt.
How much of yourself will you give up to be free of your chains?
Servant of the Empire is a choice driven adventure into slow transformation and corruption.
A sandbox-esque game where the choices you make affect how you and other characters change both physically and mentally. A fully realized world with deep fiction inspired low-fantasy and media like Conan, Heavy Metal comics and the works of the artist Boris Vallejo. Slow methodical transformations leading the player to their ultimate fate as a slave unless they can escape the yoke of their family’s debt. Heavy focus on MtF changes and corruption with other erotic themes including objectification, BDSM, incest, humiliation, cuckolding and non-consent/reluctance.

Change-Log: v 1.5.1
Previous versions
Game now checks if data files are accessible at start
Fixed crossfade audio player error
Fixed laugh file not found in intro dialogue
“Fixed” memory leak
Fixed Nehmo “I promise” path getting stuck
Fixed help me too in sleep
Fixed blonde wig
Removed placeholder sound effects.
Reading journal now takes 2 hours.
Corridor mop job opens up on day 11 now.
Added new room note to barracks.
Removed are you bored option from nehmo as first question.
Added beauty value.
Changed the default player name.
Fixed work_cock scenes so sergeant seems a bit less blase faire.
Added a couple of random boot cleaning scenes for all you boot cleaning fans.
Added player adjectives all around.
Player is now properly rewarded for not helping Nehmo when the guards try to do bad things to her.
Rewrote some player choice to make the player sound less like C3P0.
Fixed a conversation with the guard to make more sense.
Gave player voice less certainty about what he wants when talking to Roke.
Debt is now actually removed in BJ scenes.
Added another random event to work in barracks.
Gave player exposition about an NPC so they’re sure of who he is when they re-meet him.
Added random BJ scenes (Might revisit these later for editing and addition).
Added barracks door event to working in corridor to foreshadow barracks content.

Censorship: None
Platform: Windows
Language: English
Size 168 MB

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