Schoollife version 0.4.2 Fix2



Changes from the previous version:

– Traditional correction of spelling from the user Salamander
– Added information about the hunger of the character to the
status window – Added information about the tiredness of the character to the status window
– New convenient map for moving around the city from a user with a SilveRR nickname
– Event with stealing from a piggy bank from a user with a L3tsF nickname #N. Special thanks for the help in implementing the code to the user with the nickname SilveRR
– Changed the taking of the initiative in sex. Now the opportunity to choose to take or give the initiative gets a character with more activity and authority. NPS, having the opportunity to choose a role, can also take and give initiative depending on their parameters
– Changed the mathematics of calculating interventions during sex in the location with other NPCs. No more interference of the same people in a circle, added orientation checks in disputes and group sentences, added differences in the likelihood of the election of actions for teachers and the director, added a test for the “popularity” of the location when calculating interrupts (in public locations such as corridors and classes of probability , that you immediately interrupt the surrounding at times higher than in which thread in the back room), significantly increased the group sex for the trio in the relationship (generally tightened the probability of group sex) and a whole bunch of changes in the tsiferki that I did not remember.
– Added a new intervention in sex – NPS masturbates, watching you.
– Added a new intervention in sex – the requirement to change the sexual partner turned not to the GG, but to his partner.
– The number of sexual acts at a time is limited. Based on the depravity of the character-initiator. Added the flow of time during sex
– Fixed a bunch of typos
– Little changed the generation of characters for more convenience
– Added an asset / passive / uni system for characters that wags on their preferences in poses. For characters created before this version, the value of uni
is set. – The growth of attraction for romantic relatives during the conversation about love is added. Added the growth of attraction for lecherous relatives when talking about sex
– The aphrodisiac and a tablet of sexual endurance are available in the online store. The first is modeled in dialogs, the item is optional. The second in sex when taking the GG initiative.
– With the availability in the location of sex sex – now this is reported mainly sex menus
– New location sex – on the beach
– New character percussion: Masochist. In addition to the purely numerical changes that it introduces, it has a key feature – the masochist character will increase the attachment to the character of the aggressor (fights, violence, insults, etc.). works in all types of interactions (NPS-NPS, NPS-GG, GG-NPS)
– New Character Perks: Dominant. Besides the purely numerical changes that it brings, it has a key feature – the character can try to coerce characters with any reputation
– Fixed bugs with experience in sex for men and foot for vaginal. Also similar bugs fixed in the masturbate

Censorship: None
Platform: Windows
Language: English
Size 920 MB


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