Scarlet Ashbringer Version 0.1.2d


Scarlet Ashbringer

Scarlet Ashbringer is a Dating Sim/Visual Novel (In development) set in Warcraft’s universe. So far, only Eastern Plagueland are available, but Western Plaguelands and Tirisfal Glades will be explorable too.
In this game, you play as a common Scarlet Crusade’s soldier working at Tyr’s Hand, when destiny decided for some reason that you should be the one wielding the Ashbringer ! Freshly taken by force at Naxxramas, so it is corrupted.
Azeroth needs the Scarlet Crusade ! Can you save it from fanatism and its inner enemy ?.

-Cocktail minigame now hides the bottle you already picked to avoid double click mistake
-Cocktail minigame now has a “Discard bottle” button if you took one by mistake
-Cocktail minigame earn you 25 gold instead of 20 per cocktail made without checking the recipe
-New dialogue when sleeping with Abbendis with a higher affection
-New dialogue at Sea Access with Whitemane to you know there’s nothing more to do
-New dialogue at Zul’Mashar with Ishaye to let you know there’s nothing more to do
-Alexandros Mograine took dramaturgy course and now appears with intimidating special effects when he’s mad
-Corrected a bug at the mass with Whitemane “be dominated” route
-Corrected a bug that could break the game is you were learning healing and help Whitemane to sleep at the same time
-Corrected a lot more than I can’t recall
-Thanks to Hazenium, a lot of typos were corrected

Developer: Scarlet Ashbringer Studio
Platform: Windows, Linux
Language: English
Version: 0.1.2d
Censored: No
Size: 914 mb

Download game: