Sarada training – Version 1.4 by Kamos



So basically 5 new scenes and 1 new character – Samui. You can complete her story without sex or with sex option. How?

1. Talk with Samui 3 times during night at bar use option gently wake her up
2. Talk with Samui 3 times during day meet her near the gate invite her to dinner
3. Use Namigan on Samui during night at the guest house
4. Invite Samui to dinner during the night at the guest house
5. During night at the guest house, Use Namigan on Samui until she tells you that she feels better
6. At night force Samui to masturbate using Namigan or get some chakra from her
7. During night visit Samui at the guest house
8. During night at the guest house, get some chakra from Samui until new dialog appear (10 times)
9. Then invite her to dinner again. Now if you invite her for dinner you can pick an option to have a sex with her
10. Then visit Tsunade during day and talk with both
11. Talk with Samui during the day near the gate

Censorship: None
Platform: Windows
Language: English
Size 232 MB

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