Sakura Gym Girls (Final)


Sakura Gym Girls

Kitagawa Shouhei is a young man who lives in a quiet town, where he runs his deceased grandfather’s bookshop.
His life is an ordinary one, but he’s content with it, even if he hasn’t had a girlfriend in years.
Shouhei is happy enough to while away his days among stacks of old, dusty books,
while chatting with his favorite (and only) colleague,
the sweet-natured and mild-mannered Asa…
But his luck with women takes a sudden turn for the better when Asa asks him to go to the local gym with her,
to help her shed some extra weight.
While at the gym, Shouhei runs into two very different women: the haughty and aloof Tsumiki,
and the cheerful, energetic Ranko, with whom Shouhei shares a complicated past.
Join Shouhei as he helps Asa with her fitness regimen,
all while trying to win over the icy Tsumiki and processing his feelings for Ranko.
Whether Shouhei will end up with Asa, Tsumiki, or Ranko (or all three of them) is up to you in this visual novel.?

Platform: Windows
Censored: No
Version: Final
Language: English
Size: 197 mb

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