Saint Petersburg Adventures v1.01



Originally started as a mod to GirlLife it has now become its own game You are a teenage girl in modern Russia dealing with the ups and downs of a typical teenager. Family, friends, school, job – all kinds of serious, funny or lewd things might happen to you. This is a mix of a life sim and a dating sim. Some events are controlled others will solely depend on your personal actions and reactions to them.

fixed stimulation bug that prevented ending the intro quest – intro quest now fully playable
added visual notifiers for important stat and state changes
changed css to support more font change options via the player
added 32-bit player and batch files
removed the testvideo and replaced it with the proper version for the brother questline in the next update
fixed a major bug with food in the afternoon/evening

Censorship: None
Platform: Windows
Language: English
Size 457 MB

Download game: