Pure Onyx (September 30 2021)


Pure Onyx

Pure Onyx is a classic beat ‘em up with RPG elements set in the world of our flagship title, Malise and the Machine. It follows heroine Onyx as she brawls her way through the dystopian streets of New Babylon, where she’ll encounter gangs, crime syndicates, a corrupt police force, and the bio-engineered horrors of the insidious Babel Corporation. It features fully animated, 3D art and is styled after 80s cyberpunk anime. Pure Onyx contains in-game, fully animated H content.?

Pure Onyx September 30 2021

** Patched a major issue that was causing left-facing animations to desync characters in the Gallery.
** Disabling adult content will now hide liquid without clearing it (It will reappear in its correct state when adult content is turned back on).
Added first iteration of Larva enemies (Larva and Crawler) to the game for combat testing (use Stomp or the forward punch combo finisher, Push, to hit the small ones; you can also knock them out of the air).
Added swarm AI behavior (currently in use by the Larva/Crawler enemies)
Added a fun surprise that has a chance to occur at the beginning of each wave in Skyline/Sewers. Watch out >.>
Added secondary motion (hair, clothing animation, and jiggles) to FemCop + Onyx H scene.
Added boob squish + additional face animations + clipping and popping fixes to the FemCop + Onyx H scene .
Improved / better emphasized shorts pull-down and barrier grenade throw animations during FemCop H scene.
Increased FemCop’s H attack wind-up animation from 20 frames to 40 frames
Fixed position of FemCop’s “EyeShine” FX (H attack cue)
Player can now move / reset camera position in H scene gallery.
Restored feature to Gallery where foreground layers are hidden during H scene playback
Loot containers are now hidden during H scenes since they can obscure visibility.
Fixed issue with Wraxe’s hitboxes that allowed for an exploit where Onyx could be positioned so she’s never hit.
Remixed the entire game’s audio
Added new combat SFX and skid SFX for Onyx
Reduced automatic knockdown rate on Onyx (expect fewer knockdowns)
Added adult content filter system (can filter all content or by fetish; more will be added as we add content to the game).
Added adult content filtering settings to Options screen

Known Issues

Here are the newest/most relevant known issues.

Despite their name, Crawlers can sometimes float above the ground — still investigating details.
Larva / Crawlers’ Bite animation is a placeholder since we don’t have one for it yet (the one where they raise up then slam down)
Larva / Crawlers have no SFX/VFX yet.
FemCop’s force field doesn’t emit light properly when the scene is mirrored.
Reflection on Onyx’s shorts looks weird during FemCop H scene. Will fix in next update (I failed >_> soon)!
It’s possible for FemCop’s forcefield to spawn on top of bystander enemies.
A blocky shading artifact will appear on FemCop’s skin if she’s covered in liquid while lit up by her forcefield during her H scene.
Splicer Thug needs new bystander animations before his section of the Chain Splicer’s H scene.
At minimum zoom, you can see the incoming/outgoing Ball Drone used in the Runt’s section of the Chain Splicer H scene before it’s meant to appear.
Some of Wraxe’s combat FX need to be updated to work with new animations. Some may display as being rotated improperly or slightly out of position.
Charger’s hitbox shifts slightly after he charges. If he charges repeatedly this shift can add up to be significant. It will soon correct itself however.
Enemies can appear floating above the shop characters after an H scene, but should fix themselves quickly.
Liquid won’t show on Onyx during the Thug’s solo H scene. This will be fixed soon.
The liquid spurt FX on one of the Thug’s H scene finishers sometimes doesn’t play. We’re aware of the cause and seeing if it pops up anywhere else before fixing it.
Infinite jabs are way overpowered against bosses right now. Jab spam will be changed to a standing combo soon-ish (among other combat improvements).
Street Lord Wraxe sometimes blocks the view of H scenes with his big fat wraxe when he’s a bystander.

Console Commands

The game isn’t balanced that great yet, so some people have asked if there are ways to bypass bosses or get some help. You can use console commands for this while the game is still rough around the edges. Press the ` (backtick/tilde) key to open the console. Type any of the commands below and press enter. Press ` again to close the console.

godmode on/off – Makes Onyx indestructible.
onepunchmode on/off – Gives Onyx the ability to kill anything with one attack.
setwave # – Sets the enemy wave to the number specified. Changes will not be reflected in enemies until the current wave is wiped out. If you want to fight Street Lord Wraxe, who spawns on Wave 20, then set the wave to 19 and wipe out the remaining enemies.
setgamespeed # – Multiplies the game speed by the number specified.

Developer: Eromancer
Platform: Windows
Language: English
Pure Onyx Version: September 30 2021
Censored: No
Size: 735 mb

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