Promises 0.21e (Tiimx)



You play as the main story MC (Default name: Tim McSorley) A college sophomore who recently moved to the crime driven South Lexton City. Despite being an undercover agent for a secret heist organization you want nothing more then to just relax in your warm comfy bed. With a distant past you can’t seem to remember much about, you make your best efforts to live a normal life in the present. But a new arise of choices and situations aren’t really making that goal easy. How you choose to balance your current life is all up to the current choices you make in the present. Changing choices and promises you made in the past however aren’t possible… or are they?


Promises S1 Ep5 v0.21a Changelog

-Added Episode 5: A total of 3000 Images + 360 Animations
-Fixed a major multi-game persistent variable bug (requires game restart)
-Improved prologue and early game images/animations
-Added dialogue box opacity toggle
-Added Animated/Static Image toggle (ep5 scenes and newer)
-Added some ambient sounds and slider (ep5 scenes and newer)
-Fixed missing club scene not playing for Ep3 non-Molly hangout path
-Fixed Main Menu ESC key save/exit popup bug
-New Music
-Reworked Main Menu
-Improved animation transitions, looping, and overall quality


Developer: Tiimx
Platform: Windows
Language: English
Version: 0.21e
Censored: No
Size: 1970 mb

Download game: