Powered Stranger Version 0.7


“Powered Stranger” which is a Dating Simulator that definitely doesn’t take place in the Power Rangers Universe. 😉 In this parody game you’ll be a Stranger thrown into several timelines of the TV-Show and your mission will be to seduce the female Rangers.?

Changelog: Powered Stranger v0.70 “Trinominal Addition”:
Added three sex scenes to Trin’s storyline (two public and one for patron edition only)
Added a funny scene to Trin’s story in which she wears her Ranger suit
Completed storyline of Kat (without the adult parts)
Spiced up the animation game even further
Changed some variables, images and settings to make the inofficial Android port look more like the PC and Mac version
Changed the main menu background again (because why not)
Fixed a visual bug that caused the zoomout animation after kisses/hugs to fail
Swapped the two icons that show Kat in cursed or very cursed state because it looks better this way

Censorship: None
Platform: Windows
Language: English
Size 112 Mb

Download game: