Portals of Phereon – Version


Portals of Pheroeon Portals of Pheroeon

Portals of Pheroeon Portals of Pheroeon

Portals of Pheroeon Portals of Pheroeon

Portals of Phereon is an exploration/ management/ breeding / turnbased (on tilemaps) strategy game with Monstergirls.

Bugs fixed:
base maxlust didn’t start with the correct value
tentacle core for evo didnt do anything.
base tentaclegirl had the wrong sprite
couldnt close inventory with “f”
some wrong event descriptions
there were no restrictions to sending characters to the library when you choose a specific species
tentacle species wasn’t listed in the library
poisonflight didn’t poison the user
poisonskin and poison had the same name (couldn’t have both in some cases)
displace on attack caused problems with multi-attacks. (should be removed now)
Couldn’t increase lv above cap (even with “potential” mc-traits or “growing”)
prince + potential only increased maxlevel with equality, instead of the opposite
had to target a tile to use slimesense, for no reason
“ignore all focus” toggle in sextraining started off, but was shown as on. (only updated after clicking it)
in sextraining, focus-priority of 0 on mc-bodypart didn’t apply correctly.

heatresistant trait also makes user immune to burn. also unlockable as starting trait
2 new legendary traits.

Developer: Syvaron
Platform: Windows
Language: English
Censored: No
Size: 355 mb

Download game: