Poor Lucy Version 0.3



The list of differences from the previous version 0.2:

the new view of the main menu
the city was built from scratch (uptown and downtown)
the city is alive ( people are walking, cars are moving)
new locations:
Lucy`s new house (2 floors with 7 rooms) + backyard
Shop in the uptown
Yoga studio in the uptown
Photostudio in the downtown
New Characters:
There are 7 of them at the moment (and 5 has its own image)
Everyone has their own daily routine
+5 new unique chibi
+ a new outfit of the main character
Now there is a change of the day in the game (morning, afternoon and evening)
Lucy has a new ability “modesty” (the lower she will have the better it will be. Or not?)

Platform: Windows
Censorship : no
Language: English
Size : 295 MB