pocket waifu Version 2.1.0


pocket waifupocket waifu

pocket waifupocket waifu

pocket waifupocket waifu

pocket waifu Trade your soul for immeasurable power! Become the man who made a terrible bargain with a succubus to get girls – have them walk right into your house, entertain them, keep them fed, clean and energetic, seduce them and watch as they do their hardest to please you!
Key Features
Over 9 Unique Characters
– Date multiple waifus at the same time, and bring the naughtiest out of them!

Animated sex-scenes!
– Over 50 animated sex-scenes with more coming soon!

Customize your waifus!
– Classy outfits? Pretty lingerie? Lusty costumes? Choose your style!

Play minigames with your waifu!
– A lot of mini games await, reach high scores to make them want you!

And more, much more!
– Daily challenges and bonuses
– Customize you house with tons of furniture
– Use the Garden to grow your own stuff!

Censorship: None
Platform: Windows
Language: English
Size 18 Mb

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