Passion Of Five Version 0.22

Passion Of Five
Passion Of Five

Passion Of FivePassion Of Five

Passion Of FivePassion Of Five

Passion Of FivePassion Of Five

The story revolves around a guy who has to start all over again. There are 5 main stories as well as numerous side stories.
While doing so he meets different characters and can do different stuff like a balloon tour or a walk in the park, visit the local church or a nice drink at the inn. There are several random quests and some scripted story-plots.

– Added: 3 Inn morning drink dialogues (random)
– Added: 4 Park afternoon dialogues (random +2 variations)
– Added: text to isabelle
– Changed: complete code overhaul Church
– Changed: code overhaul Apartment/Cafe/Shop (outside)
– Changed: Casandras missing entry (vivienne)
– Changed: one of viviennes events can now be started in the inn or house
– fixed: park event (insufficient intelligence)
– fixed: viviennes story could not be continued due to missing variable
– fixed: problem in viviennes story due to missing image and added text
– fixed: vivienes missing background image (park)
– fixed: wrong image while leaving fleurs apartment
– deleted old files
– lots of minor changes/improvements

Developer: Lykarion
Platform: Windows/Linux
Language: English
Version: 0.22
Censored: No
Size: 933 mb

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