Orlin’s Ring 0.03a


Orlin's Ring

This game was going to center on a protaginst who came from a family of magic who found a ring left to him from a long since dead male adult figure (uncle, father, etc) and use the ring to corrupt and impregnate as many women as possible. It was going to be a rogue like, with the majority of the women in the game randomly generated (Name, race, breast size, hair color, ovulation schedule, etc) but include a few special non-random ones (A mom/sister most likely because Incest; though they would have followed your character’s race/hair color once those were in the game too). Currently, the game will generate three random ladies from a pool of many attributes and let you mind control and rape them; possibly impregnating them. I’ve left some debug options in the game; but as you can see it’s pretty rough – I was trying to focus on getting one area and a set of girls working; since from there scaling it to new locations with clothes and other body types (MILF/late teenager) would be pretty simple. I’d say that’s about 80% done most likely; at which point the rest was going to just be cranking out new women templates but I never could get the code for the girl selection screen to work correctly (I wanted it to generate the name & status and create one hoverable button which as you can see doesn’t quite work).

Censorship: None
Platform: Windows
Language: English
Size 52 MB

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