Optimist Prime Past Blasters version 0.1


You are Marky McSky, an 18-year-old ne’er-do-well who has befriended the mad scientist Professor Emma Braun. She convinces you to go on an errand for her in her newly built time machine, leaving you stranded in 1955 when it breaks down. With her help, your pent-up hormones, and the young (and not so young) ladies of Mill Valley, you must collect energy for the FUX capacitor so that you can return to your own time.

– Dating across decades in 3+ distinct time periods!
– Affinity System: Build relationships by learning about characters!
– Reputation System: Your dialogue choices will affect how you are perceived by others and what options are available to you!
– RPG Elements: Build charisma, strength, and intelligence to woo your targets!

Censorship: None
Platform: Windows
Language: English
Size 350 MB

Download game: