OA: New Beginnings – Version 0.0.1


New Beginnings

Set in a fantasy world, you’re a member of a guild that’s returning home from a long trip. Being made a captain of twenty-five new adventurers to train and get to know. Explore the stories behind each of the characters to befriend, fall in love with or start a harem with. Push through dungeons in turn-based combat, unlock classes, use alchemy/smithing/tailoring to create new items and gear. Travel through the world to different locations to complete quests, find random lore and wander aimlessly through the main story. You could also just stay at the guild and just build your harem, cause fuck all that other stuff, right??

Initial Release:
‘Full day’ event on Sunday.
Morning/Afternoon events for Monday/Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday/Friday.
Five other events to do during Evening/Night.
Turn based combat

Developer: Yukimomo
Platform: Windows
Language: Windows, Linux
New Beginnings Version: 0.0.1
Censored: No
Size: 294 mb

Download game: