My Normal Family Version 0.11.0


My Normal Family

I’m the family doctor so i’ll examine everyone!
My Normal Family
Mr Paker, David …. Mrs Parker, Katrin …. Miss Parker1, Esther …. Miss Parker2, Naomi
Our Maid Gwenn …. And me, Alex (I’m a doctor)?

-Added a new Hint system. Open your phone, click the new icon Hint, choose the background you like, a new step by step in game hint at your disposal. Of course at the beginning there will be a lot of things to do but as you progress through the game they will decrease.

-I’ve been forced to introduce some new variables so maybe your old saves sometimes will give you error like “…. is not defined” where the “….” will be the name of the new variable. For those who can use console just write *new variable name = False* without asterisks. I have added in Save file 5 new saves, 1- All character at Trust 10, 2- Half game (around version 0.5), 3- End version 10, 4- End version 11, 5- First Family Beach event. As a last option you can start the game over again, now it’s very less grinding and easy to do with the new hint System.

-Rebuild the first Katrin beach event. 10 new videos.
-Rebuild the first Ivy sex on pool. 15 new videos.
-Rebuild the Katrin foot job on her bathroom tube. 8 new videos.

New content:
-New character Harry.
-Ivy/Harry threesome repeatable event, 15 new videos. To be continued.
-Katrin bathroom sex 12 new videos.
-Found a new job for Ester.
-Week end, invite your girls to the beach, choose Ester/Naomi, 24 new videos.

Developer: Firenzo
Platform: Windows, Linux
Language: English
My Normal Family Version: 0.11.0
Censored: No
Size: 3000 mb



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