Monster Girl Quest Fan Remake v0.1.5



This is a remake in RPG Maker of the visual novel Monster Girl Quest made by Torotoro (not to be confused with Paradox).

Save anywhere removed.
typo on titlescreen fixed as well 363 typos.
Fixed Monsterpedia portraits
Removed some unused assets reducing size a little.
Fixed bug of residential district alert misplaced on Iliasburg
Edited states. Poison reduced damage to 8% to you and 3% to enemies. Burning reduced damage to 15% to you and 10% to enemies. Monster more susceptible to negative states
Fixed bug of NPCs entering doors and being able to be interacted
Adjusted frequency of moviment of every NPC that moves around, now they don’t wait before each step.
Edited Ilias Intro
Edited states system a little bit.
Fixed crashing bug when you look into an attack item on the item menu screen
Crafting restructured, less item and bigger quantity.
Monsterpedia fixed;
Volumes adjusted
Hints restructured to reflect changes
Some enemies can use items now (a item like skill, identic to what you use). Don’t worry, it will cost a lot of SP to use, have low priority and they will always be of smaller tiers than what you should be using. Right now only Healing Salves can be used by them. they can use antidotes and other state removal items as well.
Evaluations edited to reflect changes and now they will tell you if there is a second h-scene to be seen.
Second scene of Vanilla included (sorry i completely forgot about it).
Increased itens drops
Removed Kill count of monsterpedia because of a bug when interacting with post battle screen
Edited title screen
increased items damage a little
Some dialogs edited

Censorship: Yes (mosaic)
Platform: Windows
Language: English
Size 497 MB

Download game: