Missing Link Ver1 51


Missing Link Ver1 51

Missing Link is an adult-oriented school fantasy RPG.
63 base CGs + 13 CG happening scenes, variations = 281 total works
Playtime ranges from 30 to 40 hours depending on approach
6 heroines, 10 subcharacters, various monster girls, etc.
Enjoy daily life, adventure and sex with in a story jam-packed with ladies!
* Good tempo / speedy front view battle *
Featuring a total of 117 custom drawn monster art species + alpha!
* Costume change / kisekae system *
Adorn the heroines in outfits, as well as changing outfits for subcharacters
Characters x outfits x facial expressions = 858 total representations!
* Pinch graphics *
When characters are in a pinch in battle, it shows! (humans only)
* Character community *
6 heroines and 5 subheroines can be interacted and level up in daily life
Go on dates, participate in school events, celebrate holidays, and more
* Possibilities with monster girls *
Some monsters have exclusive quests that will reward you with sex
Sometimes it’s punishment, sometimes the girls are instigators…?
* Ero happening *
Barging in during outfit changes, peeking at breasts, skirt flipping…
* Other features *
CG gallery mode
X-ray glasses to see naked pose art
Illustrated guide to monsters
Versus card minigame
and more

Platform: PC / Windows
Size : 453 MB



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