Lust Dungeon Version 0.9.6


Lust Dungeon

Lust Dungeon is a short lesbian roguelike deckbuilder game where,
you must save your loved one from a deep dungeon
full of dick monsters.
Collect cards to build powerful decks and defeat your enemies!
With each run, you’ll get closer to freeing Korin,
but the dungeon is full of dangerous creatures that will test your skills.
Can you defeat them all and save the one you love?


Added some new cards.
Added new game over scene with a random defeat render.
Added visual effects to main menu and defeat popup.
Saves if player already saw a tutorial and doesn’t show it again, even when he resets his progress.
Fixed a few bugs.


Developer: Cute Pen Games
Platform: Windows
Censored: No
Version: 0.9.6
Language: English
Size: 143 mb

Download game:


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