Lust City – Version 0.6


Lust City

The protagonist is a pervert, a blackmailer and an intriguer. He is also a teacher at the university, and very pleased with his life. However, unexpectedly an event takes place that radically changes his life

* Unlockable animations for Helen. This time, I made less for one video scene (2 for 1 $ and $ 5, and 3 for $ 10), and instead of another video scene I added a one-time event (although you can review it in the gallery). I hope you enjoy it, I sawed it for a week (teeth)
* Added option – “recruit” Sofia. In this version, the content with it is only in the process of passing. Added 2 video scenes, with an organic transition from one to another. I even liked it. The unlocked “functional” for Sofia will be available in the next version. I am planning for her something like a functional Rei. The character will play an important role in the future. I recommend hiring her, even if you don’t like her
* Abundantly expanded plot by! Spoiler! infiltration to helen home. You can choose any of the available colleagues. I will explain right away, before finding the password – everything is almost unchanged for all heroines. Of the differences – several different interactions with objects and furniture. The main differences begin after finding the password from the computer. From this point, the plots of the heroines differ from each other in varying degrees. The degree of difference will become clear after passing all. There are similar ones, there are almost completely different ones, there are optional ones, there are carriers of “activators” for future similar events / new “addictions” in heroines or GGs.

A mini-game with locks will now forever become optional. Even if you start a new game. But for this you need to go through it at least once (even if you completed it in the previous version). As a result, 8 new animations were added in this quest, both video and gifs. All this economy took about 800-1000 images. I do not know exactly (teeth)

I did not have time as I wanted to diversify strongly the “repetition” like sleep / work / sport and so on. Added only a few new images for sleep, and new images and animations for intimate needs in the bathroom.

Platform: Windows
Language: English
Censored: No
Size: 5690 mb