Lust and Revenge
The game takes place in a remote and isolated town ruled by a mysterious cult.

Driven by revenge, your main objective is to eradicate the zealots and free the town using your lustful ways.
First of all the maximum amount of whores you can hire will go from 5 to 10, the more tits the better!

One new hair type has been added with 4 colors as well as the tight leggings which has 3 variations.

The whore rating system has been improved, if your whores have high ratings your brothel will get more clients and they will pay more.

A fame mechanic has been added to let you know which whore is the most famous among the clients, the whore with the best rating and fame will become the “queen” of your brothel.

Any ideas how to make the queen interesting? I’m all ears!

Lastly we have some simple quality of life stuff like whores arrangement and improved whore cost based on their rating.

Censorship: None
Platform: Windows
Language: English
Size 198 MB

Download game: