Lewd Maze v0.5.65a [Shanbahak]



Lewd Maze (former Corrupted Dungeon) is an Isometric dungeon crawler with turnbased pixel fighting part, with some nice in-battle sex. You have two main characters for now, tanned neko and elf girl. And some cute NPCs~ Some of them will have their own H-scenes and will be able to temporarily join you party in battle, as story will progress.

Dungeon itself is constantly changing, unstable structure. (randomly generated, yes) It was filled by only dust and old bones for hundred of years, but now tis suddenly exploded with life, filling with awesome treasures – and swarming with various perverted creatures, corrupting minds and setting in heat anyone who dare to set foot inside. It is classic isometric with cute sprites and various awesome objects to explore and to plunder.?

-Added Dwarf x Goblins Gameover CG
-Added Dwarf x Centaur Gameover CG (a bit rare, you need to hire Dwarf and to find Centaur in dungeon)
-Added couple more sound effects for testing. Seems fine so far.
-Minor bug fixes
-Software changes for next update

Note: The 64-bit version of Java is required to run this game.
Censorship: none
Version: 0.5.65a
Platform: Windows
Language: English
Size 218 MB

Download game:


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