Kosmosgames Bright Future


Kosmosgames Bright Future

HS will again enter the ring. At this time, all serious and grown-up. “Without rules and snot.” Actually this is one of the variants of future development of the plot, but at the moment there is only one. To get to the fights can only be very aggressive HS. The battle system is the other … well, in general, I will tell the details of release. And yes, now you can choose an alias Krutetskiy before fights. And you can see in fight club, how many days are left until the next fights.
The second way of development – a business center. What a force stuck there – yet remain a mystery, but something a promotion there also appeared. With a deliberately intimate component of the course.
Act now be every week. 3 recoup the concert scene, if desired toying on Tuesdays in the park, and begins the rock ‘n’ roll dvizhuha with increasing popularity and fees.Repaired mechanisms calculation of Fame and other live performance. Once your group will collect the full club, the glory of the growth will stop and have to wait for new versions 🙂
Concerts in the rock club is now lifted inspiration.
Branched Quest Lilia Sergeevna. If done correctly, you can get a nice nishtyak.
Belief covenant us to her house to study singing. We learn about it something new and get acquainted with a neighbor at the dorm … So far only acquainted 🙂
Something hot Sofya Andreyevna.
A new experimental system is to establish relations with the librarian Lena. Submitted to the court players. If you check it out, I continue in the same spirit 🙂
Vera Voronin can be found in some public places and chat. Anna Abramova, too.
Clothing and appearance.
The market has a small shop with stockings, tights, shorts and golf. The presence of these elements of clothes does not affect the story (as it may affect all?), But with the purchase of each such nishtyak appear nice looking zastavochku iventiki and in some game situations.
You can shoot cowards. Yes, you were asked about it, probably more often. The effect is the same as that in the paragraph above.
In Lera apartment now has a mirror in which you can watch and amuse your self-esteem. If YY looks hrenovenko – the mirror does not lie 🙂
The interface and environment.
As stated several times, the game interface transitions changed. Personally, I was much more pleasant to play. Opening the old version immediately feel like aesthetic component falls. But maybe I’m just too biased attitude towards their work. The absence of signatures on the buttons a bit confusing at first, but you stop to think about it in a few minutes.
To make it even easier to navigate, in almost all locations are added to the description.
Added tips to help you navigate in some situations. Tips can be disabled.
There was a option to disable / enable things like pissing, and shemale. Data genres in the game is not much, because I’m not a fan, but there are obvious opponents, on this here … Yes, the option – in the help menu.
There was a range of fullness and vivacity. I think it more clearly.
New “night” patterns
Removed message board. To read the latest news, simply come to a stop.
A new kind of cafe
Change font in the game
In the menu, added 2 new fields, one of which is almost no functional. In the other at the right moments to appear smartphone or camcorder icon. Not difficult to guess that at this point you can take a photo, or to put the camera.
Completely redesigned elevators, no extra clicks are now. For cooking and food consumption also reduced the number of unnecessary clicks.
Few achieve doctored + 1 new.
The operation menu is now specified working hours
Rock bar and elite area open only when needed for the story.
Changed design of the dossier. Now, no pop-up windows.

Selfies and photo, laptop and internet.
If you have a smart phone you can take photos. Pictures taken on the subject, too, is now stored in a separate gallery. Total 14 pieces.
Well, the Self, of course. However, while almost no boobs.
One new selfie on the forum.
New kartinochki SG with a laptop (for example, for aesthetic pleasure).
Now in the terminal can be paid for any number of days of the Internet. There, the terminal will show the remaining number of paid days. And itnernet is now connected automatically, if the account has money.
Fixed a “cheat” about which nobody told me, sly) Previously, you could endlessly watch porn, fill excitement dump it right there on the bed and cheat promiscuity. Now the clock can not watch porn 🙂
Random events and harateristiki.
Prostitute in the park appears more often.
A couple in the park appears only in the daytime.
New random game events on the bus, subway, and one – in the cafe.
Gopnik can fight back.
Eloquence is now possible to pick up and in some other places.
Musical skills will now decrease over time.
Brothel is now open from 0 to 4.
You can set some requirements for customers. For example, whether to use a condom, where you can stop, etc. The financial equivalent of the requirements – is attached.
Wages rose in a brothel.
Added to sell contraceptives, but their application is not yet implemented.
Sister and Lera.
Dina and Lera appeared daily routines. In other words, the characters become more “alive”.
After you arrange the college Dean, it will have for you a few requests. Do not deny the little sister 🙂
Completely changed the system of raising relations with Leroy. You do not have to catch her at home. SG during the game will intersect with it, communicate, and familiarity will happen by itself. The main thing is to catch it in the right place at the right time.
For the appearance of the sisters no longer have to work in a brothel.
Added dossier Dina.
Shops and trade.
Vanyusha now have to pay the salary.
Changed the calculation of earnings. It has become more flexible and logical.
Changed design of all products.
Characters .
“New” Barbara Ilinishna.
The cafe cook appeared, and in the business center – the storekeeper. With chef is nothing, with the storekeeper – there 🙂
Added auto-save every day.
If the night caught you in the city center – forward hitchhiking! We catch the car, agree or not agree; We pay, or mollify discount; suck or get money. Well, in general, all as you like 🙂
If you have a car, in the middle of the night can be right in it.
there was a small shop with disks on the market. Available – 2 new movie erotic content.
Rehearse now possible only when all the musicians on the spot.
Pool is now also helping in the sport.
Added a message when strength and endurance peaked.

Platform: Windows
Language: English
Size 3500 mb