Knightly Passions Version 0.4b


Knightly Passions

What could be better than the good old adventures of a brave hunter in the harsh world of the middle ages?
Of course, adventures in the world of magic! Terrible monsters, evil sorcerers, cruel lords, mean mercenaries – this is only a small part of what our main character will face, who went in search of his sister.

We have completely reworked the prologue and quests 1 through 4. The English translation has also been improved in those plotlines.
New character: The blacksmith.
New mechanic: Crafting! You can now craft items with the blacksmith, saving a good deal of money compared to simply purchasing the items.
New mechanic: You can now sleep on the bench outside of the tavern by clicking on the hourglass instead of paying for a room. Be careful – you may be robbed or your health may deteriorate if you choose to sleep in such a risky location.
The soundtrack has become much more diverse.
There’s a new 18+ scene in Quest 2.
Charisma now affects the price of goods. The higher your level of charisma, the lower the cost of items you buy, and the higher the price of items you sell to traders.
The vegetables that the old man sells only add HP.
We’ve temporarily removed the 18+ scene with the nuns from Quest 1. Don’t worry, it will come back in a later update once we’ve reworked it!
Fixed a combat bug involving the defense of enemies.
Fixed a bug when buying wine.
We fixed many other bugs and added new ones.
And much more.

Developer: FEYADA
Platform: Windows
Language: English, Russian
Knightly Passions Version: 0.4b
Censored: No
Size: 480 mb

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