Kalyskah is an ancient vampire who has for centuries transmitted her arcane knowledge to a coven of very powerful witches, in order to form a group to maintain the balance between the elements. But their days of peace perished when Amara, the necromancer, for no apparent reason used the power of the Vicious Seed to curse the beautiful Evelyn, a witch who controls the element of earth. This transgression resulted in the expulsion of Amara, which in an impetus hate allied with an enemy whose name had been forgotten for centuries. Said enemy is Laver, Kalyskah’s brother in blood. He prepared a trap in the woods to catch the mages as they went on a journey to fix the only cauldron strong enough to withstand the power of the spell that would heal Evelyn.

0.4.1 Changelog:
Made the make-up scalar parameters (Opacity, etc) save properly on the character customization;
Improved ragdoll effect on the boss fight: Now his light attacks don’t throw the character. Charging attack remained untouched and heavy attacks throws less;
Decreased boss health on higher difficulties;
Properly resetting the boss health, position, target and pillars in case Kalyskah gets defeated during the fight.
When the player gets defeated, Kalyskah now returns with 70% of her maximum health, instead of flat 30.
Boss doesn’t trigger second chance dialogue when he defeats Kalyskah.

Censorship: None
Platform: Windows
Language: English
Size 7420 MB



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