Isabella – Dark Paths Ch. 2.1


Isabella - Dark Paths

“Isabella – Dark Paths” is an erotic thriller with adult elements.

A dead girlfriend. A broken heart. A mysterious shadowy old man. And a smoking hot Supermodel.

You are in your early thirties, living a carefree life with your girlfriend.
Until that night, when fate (or some dark powers) had other plans for you.
That night destroyed your life as you’ve known it.

It took you many months to go back to nearly normal.

Until the past catches up and reminds you what has happened and once again you upset the people who trust you.

Will you be able to solve the mystery behind that night?
Will you seek revenge or justice?

Chapter 2.1 2021/12/27
– 260+ renders
– a few thousand animation frames
– 1334 lines of text, 9399 words, 51850 characters
– about 20+ minutes in game time

Story progress
– background information about Isabella
– background information about her ex manager
– more relationship building with Alex
– Introducing your favorite gay barber
– general story building
– set up for the beginning of the main story

Developer: badtimetales
Platform: Windows
Censored: No
Version: Chapter 2.1
Language: English
File size: 477 mb

Download game:


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