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Intimate Brothel

Intimate BrothelIntimate Brothel

Intimate BrothelIntimate Brothel

An adult game with minimal story. Concentrates on other things

“Games info:
#1 Intimate Brothel:
(+18 Story, SimDate / Simlife brothel game) You born in a distant province, and when you become 18 you you headed to the capitol the try your luck, but your money almost run out in a small province called Woodville. So you have to decide how you collect the needed money so that you can continue to travel to the capitol.

Changelog: Intimate Brothel v0.7
– Added the “Cheat Option” – to the preferences right side – to activate or deactivate the cheat menu, so you don’t need to do the RenPy console changing thingy in the future.
You can find the cheat option on the left side of the room… I think it can’t be missed.
!WARNING! There is a Developer Menu option too! I suggest not to mess with that! It may crash the game. !WARNING!
– New background for the main room in the house.
– Background added for mine – inside and out side –
– Background added for Fairies Temple
– New potion for increase your max energy – you can get it from the Fairy at the Fairies Temple – if you have enough relation with her (spoiler: 200)
– Added and option to talk with the Fairy – which increase relation with her – but you need to read the fairies language book #2 to activate that option
For a few resources – which are in the game already but it was useless… and no I wont spoiler it which ones are those… – you can do it for unlimited times.
– The menu in the house are gone. – Mostly – I hope this is be better then the old one.
– The side room menu is gone. – Mostly – I hope this is be better then the old one.
– The wardrobe is moved from the side room to the main room! So no need to get side room key for change clothes.
– The MC’s Statistics pages are changed. – we increased its size a little bit –
– Clients info window changed, because to get ready to add new kind of likes and dislikes.
– Added: Character Generation Part#1, it may even change in the future so not final
– Added blinking animation for a few characters, to be a bit more lifelike? – Will add the rest in the future –

I can’t promise that the old saved games works with this version!

Censorship: None
Platform: Windows
Language: English
Size 157 Mb

Download game: