Insexsity [v0.7 Maxi]



A game of a girl who dreams of her own apartment.
And she’s faced with different situations that change her.
You’ll choose what to do and what you don’t.?

v0.7 [official changelog to be added]
Talk with Victor until 12 o’clock in the afternoon to find the last event with him + Maxi
At the club, talk to the man at the entrance (you need to have a Lewdness level 10 or more, and finish level 7 with Eva in the dreams + have a bottle of alcohol for Maxi)

After the club you can get to the hotel with two men (dance floor, Edwin, an old event – Lewdness level 10 or more + finish level 7 with Eva)

While working at the hotel (via Victor), Kate can fall asleep at the hotel (2 events)

In the club, in the second toilet cabin. Need 10 level of Lewdness or more + finish level 7 with Eva + Maxi

Mirror at home (3 dialogue)

Meditation in the gym – the next step

Censorship: None
Platform: Windows
Language: English
Size 217 MB

Download game:


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