Huntress of Nipurheim – Branded Azel



A huntress girl in heat was branded with a lewd emblem by evil creatures.
Wearing various costumes (armors), she hunts evil creatures at noon and d*cks at night!!

A huntress girl Azel finally arrived there in the end of her path of pursuit of
the evil creature that etched lewd emblems on her body. Now she is about
to step into Nipurheim, often referred as the last defense wall against
the incoming calamity, or that is to say, into the front line of the survival
competition between the mankind and the creatures…

* Equipment Creation & Dress-Up System
Armors can be created and weapons can be strengthened
using materials that derive from the evil creatures you have beaten.
Equipped armor is reflected to the heroine’s pose art, walking graphic
and battle graphic. Over 10 kinds of artworks for this system are loaded.

Some particular costumes may trigger H events when it makes
her fellows admit her strength and sexually allures NPCs.

Armors once you created will be registered as “costumes”, so that
you can set your favorite costume on her regardless of what armor she equips.

* Lewd Emblem / EP System
Azel is able to use some special “Skills” by the power of the lewd emblem
etched on her crotch. As she uses skills her “EP” increases. When EP reaches 100%,
however, her magic energy overflows and she gets in heat so that an event
is triggered where creatures are influenced by the aftermath of it to r*pe her.

EP returns zero after events finish during the battle or H events at night.

* Erotic Status
Her experiences like number of orgasms, sensitivity escalation, amount of
sperm she has sucked and so on are subject to be stored in the lewd emblem.
When certain conditions are met, she will attain “Passive Skills” that support her in battle.

* A Variety of H Scenes
– Intense H scenes in ADV style with many variation artworks
– H scenes during battle
– Hands-free H scenes where you can enjoy seeing the heroine
getting orgasms endlessly (and you can ‘finish’ her anytime you want)

All scenes are voiced. Detailed settings are loaded like turning on / off the voice etc.

34 base HCGs (600 variations)
30 + Extra H scenes
15 patterns of H scenes during battle

Censorship: Yep (mosaic)
Version: Final
Platform: Windows
Language: English
Size 441 MB

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