How To Be A Hero v0.1f



The land of Minia has been thrown into chaos. The Goddess of Lewds, Lady Sluttony, has had her power stolen and divided among three wicked people. You are her last paladin and it is up to you to face them and take back your goddess’s power. Travel the land, fight enemies, lewd monster girls.

v 0.1f:

Two new enemies. Note: These enemies appear under Look for Stronger Enemies. To unlock them you have to continue Zinia’s route. These enemies do not have Win CGs/Scenes yet. Expect that soon.
You can now speak to and battle Shuten, leader of the oni
More content added to the Pure Elf’s route.
More content added to Zinia’s route.
In total, plenty of new sprites, five new CG.


Fighting the drow no longer crashes the game.
The drow has a unique sprite.
The drow now has a unique CG!
The drow drops loot.
You can continue fighting the normal elves after a certain point in the game. They don’t give nearly as much power and don’t enhance arouse but they’re there. They also have semi-unique win and lose scenes.

Censorship: None
Platform: Windows
Language: English
Size 109 MB

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