Hentasia Version 0.120a


This Project is for [Hbox] like a Big hentai Fanart of everything. Travelling through the worlds of Hentasia, I hope you will share and get satisfaction about this fantasm of conquering the coolest and most beautiful heroines from Games, Manga, Anime etc.

Release Notes v.0.120a 30/04/2018 :
-New world : Pokemon added with 2 conquerable H-eroines (May/misty)
-Mouse driver camera speed down
-Added side Roll move
-Added knockback Skill effect
-New skill usable : shuriken throw
-Luvia now uses side dodging skill
-‘The Dungeon’ is added. 1 chamber is unlocked for now.
-Controls changed, see the in-game manual (F1).
-General UI change with a cleaner looking design.
-Skills cost H-Force now(MP)
-Naruto World guide Deedlit is part of a dungeon quest.
-Wandering mobs are added to world Fate and Pokemon for level farming.
-All worlds are unlocked at the same time.
-Cheat station added for lazy folks

Censorship: None
Platform: Windows
Language: English
Size 746 MB

Download game: