Haremon Version 0.13.1 [Haremon Dev]


Patch notes (0.13.1):
– Selecting “attack it” during the “injured monster” event no longer crashes the game
– Bitch Slap no longer causes the game to crash during the fight against Circe’s shadow
– Using a totem on Chimera’s altar no longer crashes the game
– Scrolling to rank 4 on the guild board and selecting it no longer crashes the game
– Missing contacts should now be added to the phone app automatically upon opening it, and duplicates should be erased
– The kitsune now properly gains Star Shards
– Story time should now always offer a correct response the first time
– Receiving a gift from a girl no longer prevents you from inviting someone over from the bedroom menu
– Overwhelming a Transfrogrified enemy should no longer revert it to its normal form (I didn’t test this one whoops)
– Skip mode during a text message is no longer un-endable
– (Probably) fixed a bug where you could load a game from the Town menu without having the phone open
– Repellent now works as intended
– Doubled the speed of the Coldsnap animation (you’re welcome)
– The “FF>>” icon now properly displays when fast-forward mode is toggled in battle
– Beach Bash no longer uses your Haremon’s Speed stat; instead, she starts each turn automatically after finishing her previous attack (since there’s no opponent)
– Fixed some typos, made a few other minor tweaks, and added a new item to the shop
– Forgot to update the version number because I’m a dumb

Platform: Windows
Language: English
Censored: No
Size: 925 mb

Download game: