Harem Lotion v0.3



the protagonist gets a weird “job” at a local adult toy company, the boss of this company wants him to gather info of the usage of this new product they’re testing, a lotion that makes pheromones go crazy and attract females… Will he succeed or is there something else lurking in the shadows??

*Bug fixes:
-Fixed a bug wherein you could enter Reiko’s apartment after Asako’s scene. You can no longer enter there
-Fixed a bug wherein you could enter Carol’s office and turned invisible endlessly. You can no longer enter there
-Fixed a bug wherein you couldn’t start Reiko’s route if you talked to Asako at 18:00hs at the city
-Fixed a bug wherein you couldn’t speak to Carol at 12:00hs if you watched the scene.
-Changed the title to the correct one.
-Changed resolution to 1280 x 960, now you can see the entire image of the scene and the sprites are on their correct place.

*New Cellphone Feature
-The Heart icon is now functional, if you click it you can see wich girls you met (in color) and wich you didn’t (black and white)
if you click the girls button it will show you her level of affection at that time.

*New Scenes
– Reiko (Lick)
– Eri (Sex)
– Asako (Titjob)
– Carol (Handjob)
– Twins (Blowjob)

*New Places
-The hospital has expanded and has a new floor but there’s nothing to do there yet.

Censorship: None
Platform: Windows
Language: English
Size 545 MB


Download game: