Hana’s Exposure v0.11 [Flimsy]


Hana's ExposureHana's Exposure

Hana's ExposureHana's Exposure

Hana’s Exposure is a game that mainly focuses on exposure where you follow Hana as she tries to get back home after being stranded in a village.

Hana will have to work to earn money which she’ll be able to spend on a variety of outfits that will allow her to work in different areas and expose herself in a variety of ways, she’ll also be able to spend it on services like entering a public bath and stuff like that.?

– Fixed an issue causing a PUB NPC to not be able to speak.
– Fixed problem with some sprites showing in front of other sprites even though they were behind.
– Fixed an issue with the bridge collider.
– Reduced instance where you could go through walls or floors.
– Fixed an issue that caused the player to bounce when going down the stairs at the Inn.
– Fixed an issue with one of the PUB’s table’s collider that allowed you to go through it.
– Fixed an issue that sometimes caused the player to stutter when interacting.
– Fixed an issue that caused the player to hover when going down the stairs.

– Slight increase to FOV.
– Additional key support added.
• You can now use Z or Enter to interact.
• You can now use the arrow keys when given a choice.
• You can now use Right shift to hide the dialogue box.
– Interacting while text is being typed will display remaining text instead of skipping it.
– Revamped PUB layout.
– Minor performance improvements for the village.
– Typing speed drastically increased.

Censorship: None
Platform: Windows
Language: English
Size 77 Mb

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