Goodbye Eternity Version 0.6.9


Goodbye Eternity

What if you had a new chance in life? What if you could make it better than all those years of misery and harassment?
What if you could get revenge on all the people who wronged you and get what you always desired….
What will you do, with this chance as you wake up in a youthful body, thirty years in the past?
The choice is yours.

Cheats Codes:

To unlock the codes it’s necessary to collect the money hidden on all the backgrounds and to finish the game once.
more = +5000?
MacumbaEverywhere = Try this, trust me


Goodbye Eternity v0.6.9
– A few extra story quests for Yasuka’s corruption route, leading to repeatable scenes
– Sound effects for a few animations (also works in the classic version of the game)
– New build options with censored images and animations for the countries that require censor to be applied
– New internal development tools to allow for collaborative translation tools to be used for the game

– Migrated Ren’Py engine version to 8.0.3, which will lead to better performance. Skins made with an earlier version of the engine are still compatible.
– Optimized CGs file sizes

– Several dialogue fixes
– Fixed Asami not taking money from the player in corruption route if player had the prerequisite amount
– Improved clouds passing by smoothness in most exterior backgrounds


Developer: RNGeusEX
Platform: Windows
Censored: No
Goodbye Eternity Version: 0.6.9
Language: English, French, Russian
Size: 814 mb

Download game:


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