Gladiator Glory for Sex Versio 1.2a Fixed


Gladiator Glory for Sex

Armor/health damage was fixed. If you or enemy had 1 armor left and 100 hp even the strongest hits were negated by that 1 point of armor.
Now any hit greater than armor left, will result in 80% health point deduction. (As armor still reduces some of the blows momentum, even if it gets destroyed in the process)

-enemy has 5 Armor/100 Health
-you do 15 points of damage
-you hit enemy for 5 Armor damage(100%), and 8 Health damage(80%).
.and enemy vice versa.

Implemented Journal and quests have been fixed (Quest stages/kills are saved even if you quit the game)
Now only 1 wolf per pack at starting area

Odds have been implemented. each time you miss, your default chance of hitting next hit will increase, shown as bonus percentage.
To counter frustrating chain misses.
Rage talent bonus has been reduced from 5%(max 25%) to 2%(max 10%) to compensate for the odds.

WebGL version cursor fix. Cursor is no longer oversized. (Did cover 50% of hovering information)
Loading improved. Inventory cells that do not contain items no longer load.
You can now use UP/DOWN arrow keys for zooming with laptops.
Temporary disabled quest/chat cursor indicators.
Map exit trigger distance has been increased.

Censorship: None
Platform: Windows
Language: English
Size 170 MB