The Girl Next Door-2



The story begins with her words:
„When I was around 19 I was still living at home. We had some new neighbors move in next door during the summer and I ended up getting to know them very well indeed. Their names were Natasha and Kevin and they would invite me over all the time to have dinner with them or to watch a movie with them.”


19 years old student.
A little shy, but always curious about new people. She dreams about someone to come into her life and bring some excitement to it.
She lives next door to Natasha and Kevin.
25 years old photomodel.
She married her long-time boyfriend Kevin. She loves having sex with him, but it’s not enough for her. She has fantasies of watching each other with another girl.
27 years old restaurant manager.
He loves his wife and loves to fulfill her all fantasies. He never refuses her what she asks and always seeks opportunities to have good fun.

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Platform: Windows
Language: English
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