Elf’s Quest Bundle [Final]


Elf's Quest

This bundle contains two products: Elf’s Quest Prequel and Elf’s Quest

Elf’s Que st Prequel – Sara was given a quest to secure and return a pink crystal magical artifact. With Alexa to guide Sara on her quest, it all seemed too easy… right up until it wasn’t…

Elf’s Que st Sara is traveling with the pink crystal in hand when she encounters a stranger on the road..?

Elf’s qu est prequel: 116 images, 3 short animations, 8 concept images (and bonus software versions)
Elf’s qu est: 100 images, 2 short animations, 5 concept images

Developer: Hold
Platform: Winows, Mac, Linux
Language: English
Version: Final
Censored: No
Size: 363 mb

Download game: