FappOut Version 001a


What the hell do you need here?!
Wanna listen to some Uncle Tailer’s fairytale? My name is Tailer Shitatongue, but you may call me… Hmm… Incomparable Tailer Shitatongue. Huhuhuh! Well, I’ll tell you an amazing story. So…

– War. War never changes…
– There were people, and one day they dropped big atomic bombs onto each other’s heads. Boom! And no traces remained of the former world. It’s been a long time since then, but people are the same dumb jerks as before. Huhuh! This is the end.
– And whataya want? Another Chosen One from another God forsaken hole? Or are you looking for girls, unstoppable pork, and drugs?
– So, WELCOME to the world of nuclear madness, sex, drugs, danger, and mystery! It is not that dull place you’ve come from. Here it’s all up to money and nice gun. D’ya have money? Then pull it outta your pocket, and take whatever you want. I will show you how the things work here.

Censorship: None
Platform: Windows
Language: Eng/Rus
Size 133 MB

Download game: